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    The Power of Sharing a Meal

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    In a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider sharing a meal with others has the power to shift our perceptions, to expand our views of equality and connection, and to take this away from the table.

  • Supper Club Compassion is the brainchild of Leon Aarts. Food has been the red threat through all his life and during his time working with refugees her realised the transformational power of sharing a meal with others.


    Supper Club Compassion are events where we share a meal with other, we delve deep into our common humanity and share and listen to each other's stories. The Supper Clubs are interactive and experiential. We use storytelling, deep listening, great food and other tools to create lasting and transformative experiences which last longer than the time spend around the table.


    The growing gap between human beings is ever wider whilst most of us long to live in a world of with more connection and understanding. Supper Club Compassion are those events where we aim to make that a reality.


    Real understanding happens when we see each others faces.


    "My first memories are the huge family meals is my grandparents dining room where laughs and serious conversations were going on at the same time. Sharing food with each other shifts the perception when words are inadequate."

  • The Power of Sharing a Meal.

    Leon's TedX talk on why he set up Supper Club Compassion

  • “The more you know about another person’s story, the less possible it is to see that person as your enemy...When we share the sources of our pain with each other instead of hurling our convictions like rocks at ‘enemies,’ we have a chance to open our hearts and connect across some of our greatest divides.”

    Parker Palmer

  • Compassion London

    Our Covid-19 - Our Response!

    We started Compassion London in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 crisis in London.

    In the first 3 months we cooked and delivered over 250,000 meals.

    We went from a kitchen in Staples Corner to Wembley Stadium and now Alexandra Palace.

    See Leon's Story below. www.compassionlondon.org

  • What has Inspired us?

    Canada organised an initiative for neighbours to get to know each other through sharing a meal.

    Life in the Calais Refugee Camp. An interview by LiLou Mace

    Food for Soul founded by Top Chef Massimo Bottura to reduce food waste and facilitate social inclusion.

    Narayanan gives up his Job...

    This video inspired me most as an ex-chef myself.

    'Robin Hood' Restaurant opens in Madrid

    Artist JR hosted a picnic on the Mexican-US border.

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